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Default Re: Mysterious software lag

No, I had not done that. However, when the McAfee tech (Liza) was logged into my pc she did check Task Manager for CPU usage, and it was down around 8%, which is typical. I just launched Drives Meter (Gadget) and am looking at the Processes and it does not appear to be using anything. Sidebar is popping up every now and then under CPU, and appears to be holding a consistent ~93mb of memory usage, which is far below what Firefox is using right now. Drives Meter is still acting very slow and clunky.

Earlier I tried booting into my OEM Windows 7 DVD to use the repair function, but it told me I had the wrong software version. I suspect that is because the 2009 disc does not include SP1. I just downloaded SP1 .iso a bit ago and burned it to disc. I am going to reboot now and see if it will access the repair function. If you think of anything else, feel free to comment. Thanks!
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