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Default Re: Use Windows 7 'at your own PERIL'

Originally Posted by ~Darkseeker~ View Post
Standard Microsoft BS; of course they want to do anything they can to get people on Win10... so they can start selling your user data to the highest bidder

Thank god for SpyBot and their anti-telemetry tools.

But I'd also like to point out, that the Daily Express (Just like the Sun, the Star, the Daily Mail and any other conservative scaremongering rag) is not a source of news that I would personally take a blind bit of notice of.
Well nor me to be honest and a few years ago I would have agreed with you about the Tory rags but nowadays I tend to think that they are all liars and cheats no matter what the colour of their politics but that is for another thread.

I only put it up as an interest point and also so that people could see the reactions in the comments. Also the article does poo poo some of what the guy has said.
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