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Default Re: it's not illegal, celegorm ???

Originally Posted by notfluffy View Post
Can you At least gimme a chance PLEASE
If you felt the initial ban was unnecessary and/or wrongfully imposed, there were so many other avenues of disputing it without making a public scene. The fact is, however, that you are continually making a bad case look even worse. After the second foul word, I stopped counting. The point is that you've worn out your welcome.

No account that you create will be allowed any kind of tenure. You can keep playing these childish games all you want, it's really not that hard to figure out who you are and ban you. Find another hobby kid, like reading books. Based on the composition of your posts, that hobby will prove more lucrative for your long-term success than trolling a forum that's banned you over 20 times.
Me: You'd think as the dominant species we wouldn't be so effing stupid.
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