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Default Re: Introducing myself

Originally Posted by ssc456 View Post

Smart_Guy that's interesting I wouldn't disagree with you because you are probably right i'm far from perfect with my grammar but I send and receive hundreds of emails a week and none of them have a comma after Kind Regards?
Thank you.

Well, no one is perfect. I'm just a humble human

It is just a level of formalities. But at least I can say there must be some punctuation mark after it to be 100% grammatically correct, and it could be different in different English(s) used in different native English countries.

Can you believe that the honorific greeting in the beginning of a letter, e.g., Dear Ma'am or Sir, it is formal to be followed by colon ":" not comma ","? But I use comma almost always because everyone else here uses it.

Part of what made punctuation marks change is technology. It is easier and faster to omit them of use other easier to type. Comma is easier to type than colon.

I suggest that you always use a comma after xRegards, or similar, in important letters, like to an unfriendly CEO or something.

This morning I received an email from Keith (a British colleague here) with not a single punctuation mark on it. His prior email was similar except it had "regards" in caps and with a comma. I guess he was angry at me for some reason

My major is English btw
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