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Default "Windows Activation Technologies" Pop-Up window asking for varification...???

I have a reasonably new (December 2010) HP Presario desktop computer that was purchased from "Staples"...
I recently downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials and since then, I am now getting a pop-up window from Microsoft asking me for validation for my Windows 7 OS:
This is what the pop-up says: This computer is not running genuine Windows
To use Windows without interruptions this computer
needs to be running Genuine Windows
With Genuine Windows you have access
the ...Blah...Blah...Blah..
*I deleted Microsoft Security Essentials from my programs after getting these pop-ups, but they still pop-up...???.

*Arrow* click here to Resolve Online Now
I have clicked on it and I am still told that my Windows 7 is not Genuine...???
This "Pop-Up" comes on several times a day, and if I am using my Windows Flight Sim X, it shuts down the program immediatedly...
Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can truly resolve this problem...???
Thanks in advance for any help or ideas...!!!
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