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Default Sharing a Printer with Post Script

Hey All

I have recently been looking for a way to use my printer on my 64bit version of Windows 7, as it has no 64bit drivers. Anyways, i stumbled onto a method that promotes post script, and by having the printer setup using a redirect port. Im fine going though the tutorials to set it all up, but near the end when it says try to print a test page to see if its working, nothing prints. When i look in the current jobs section, the print job shows up, then goes away a few seconds later. I've tried this with a few different drivers.

Please, i need some help someone!!

This is the setup:
W7 Pro - Using as server. Canon LBP3200 printer installed and functioning here. (wont do the test page from here!!)

W7 Ulti x64 - main desktop that i eventually want to access the printer from.

A simpler turotial or something will be greatly appriciated!! Or any help at all..

thanx all...

ps. tutorials used: Robert Harder Share a Windows Printer with a Mac

Windows x64: How to Print to Any Printer Even Without a 64-bit Driver | Scottie

Bump please...
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