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Default Wireless Ethernet Card

I'm thinking of building a new computer, and I have no way of connecting it to the internet using an Ethernet cable, (my computer will be in a different room and pretty far away from my router). I was wondering if using a wireless Ethernet card would slow down the connection to my computer, or if there are any downsides to using wireless. I'm guessing it depends on the Mbps or the GHz, which I don't yet understand about Ethernet cards, so how much would I be forced to spend for a decent one that would give me same quality as a good wired ethernet card?
Also, if I was forced to use wired, or if wireless would start pissing me off, does the Mobo I have in mind come with a good built in Ethernet card? or should I just get another card?

On a totally other note, that I just had a question about, is if the built in sound card on the same Mobo very good? Or should I spend money on a new sound card?

It'd also be great if you could comment on my current setup:
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