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Default Re: Dear God Help Me Someone I Am Going Crazy

Yeah, so that does mean it boots from CD since its giving you the message.

Trust me when I say it does, and that your CD drive is not activated. The reason it stays there is because the cable is in the wrong way round, and DOS is getting confused... I bet it takes a while to find all the drives too.
So switch the IDE cable around so they aren't twisted and try again Trust me, this is the issue with it.

Your CD rom drive will have problems turning on if the cables are the wrong way round because I've had this problem before. If the light is coming on, it is still recieving power though.

It could have issues running a copied disc, though i'm sure this isn't the case this time. If you have checked the cables and twisted them around the other way, then it could be this. Though most CD Rom drives are capable of reading burnt discs.
If all else fails, ask to borrow another CD if its copied...

Hope this helps
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