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Default Re: Social Security troubles may lead to tax raises

Originally Posted by nofx
I think that he had very strong arguments and he knew what he was talking about. But I wouldnt know what Im talking about I'm not a conservative I'm a liberal
Look, most of his arguments I see on here are weak and are backed by logical fallacies. Mostly ones that try to appeal to emotions by exaggerating things. Thank goodness, you aren't eligible voters.

Originally Posted by rakedog
You and I both know that people getting shot and killed by terrorists and rebels is far different then people who lose control of a car. One is preventable, the other one (practically) is not.
Oh fucking hell. People have been getting shot and killed by terrorists in Israel and the Israelis have held onto their democratic traditions. It'll take money and lives, but it will be worth it. That's the same thing what the allies said when getting rid of Hitler. And no you can't prevent car accidents.. they are caused by bad conditions like the weather mostly. That's something we can't contrl. Furthermore, we are trying our best in Iraq. Now lay off the ad hominems, logical fallacies, and attacks against the troops.
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