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Default the state of bit torrent....

where do you see p2p going in the future?
With the fall of suprnova and now lokitorrent (they have a nice message here: where do you see p2p heading to!? also isohunt is in the throws of seeking legal advice as the bit torrent world is hit by legal battles!
i remember kazaa being great (as i find bit torrent to be the now) but then it went down the tube. personally id say that was thanks to sharman networks greed but thats irrelevant.

there is a new bit torrent client out xmeem or something? check it on suprnova home page.

so what you guys think is going to happen with all this? the MPAA (motion picture association of america) seem to pulling up lawsuits on anything to do with bit torrent! you reckon this will shrink to nothing?

my personal view: yes they can keep shutting down places like lokitorent, suprnova, and isohunt if that comes, but do they actually think they will ever reach the end of it? for everyone that shuts down another one will pop up!

what you guys think?
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