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Okie doke, would I be right in saying neither root nor DevilHack are experts in IRC?

Originally Posted by DevilHack
1) Change your name on mIRC to 'rusty' ..
2) type /server irc.renagade
3) type /join DuelZone
You're asking idiot? The name itself doesnt matter, as long as one is set... the server is not irc.renegade, its irc.renegadeirc.com, and it's #DuelZone not DuelZone. Even if all of those were simple elipses, assuming ne1 knowledgable in IRC would know that, then you have to wonder... if he is knowledgable enough in IRC to know that, then wouldnt he have already tried those very basic steps?

I can gaurantee he did, because I'm the guy trying to help him get in.

Originally Posted by DevilHack
Then maybe the server got deleted or is an all op server? o-o
Um... if you're trying to help him... why not take the 2 seconds it takes to quickly test the server? No, it is not deleted... and no it's not all-op.

Heck, even thinking it's deleted is somewhat idiotic... read his first post... the server is replying... and it never gives him any error message, just stalls out at the "No Ident Response" line.

The problem is simply that he cannot get a full connection onto the server... for some reason the connection stalls in some way. The next line should be along the lines of:

Welcome to the RenegadeIRC IRC Network demon_hunter!~Dameon@<CENSORED>
Your host is irc.RenegadeIRC.com, running version Unreal3.2.3
This server was created Mon Mar 14 2005 at 16:27:39 EST
I can connect... all my other users can connect... there is just a small handful that have this problem. Anyone with any REAL experience or knowledge in mIRC and IRC, please comment... I would not only like for Rusty to be able to get on, but to publish a step-by-step on my site for how to get on in this problem.

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