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Default Looking for help

Hello users of Computer Forums.

I am planning to do a web browser game (text based with minor animations). Those who know what OGame, Ikariam, Tribal Wars and Travian are know what it is.
The game will be very big and I am planning to put lots of effort in it.
I basicly have the main idea of the game inside my head, some days ago I
started to write everything on the paper to systemize everything and
then put it on my forum where other people (that are working on this game)
read and analyze it.
The result I am striving for:

*The world of this game will be half ancient, half scifi (something similar to Samurai Jack). It means that technology has advanced so much that
technology will be fused with biology. Tho the ancient part of the game remains giving mystical and adventurous aura to the game.

*Multilingual game.

*English (atleast) language of the game will be well presented, correct, clean, official (I have 1 person who is willing to help on this).

*Large scale of features.

*Multicontinental world, that has great contrast between graphical tones, atmospheres, playing styles, symbolism...continents will vary from deserts, jungles, seas to ashlands, icy land and others.

*Different continents has different studies and technologies, for example when ashland studies more warfare, then jungles study alchemy, magic and everything related.

*The world and continents of the game will have prologues, history, symbolism and everything else to make the game more real.

*Graphics will be blending, smooth, soft and relaxing. Graphics will be done by me, I love art.

I'm taking this game very seriously and the game would be surely competitive, if it would be ready.
So I need a person who can do web programming of different types, who wants to create something good and see the result of their creation.
Don't take this as a full time job or anything, none of the people making this
game will be "professional"...but I'm a person with good critical thinking
and high standards, so I will put as much effort into the game as I can.
The game will not be released before it has been made sure to success.
The time making this game is now known, because I don't know how many
people are going to participiate in making it, but I don't rush it.
So anyone who would be willing to help us when they have free time, is very

With regards,


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Default Re: Looking for help

Sounds like it could be fun. I can be available to help whenever I can. What specific skills are you looking for?

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Default Re: Looking for help

Sounds interesting, I'm not a very good artist but if you get a design for the layout I can help code it.
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