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Old 03-06-2008, 02:00 AM   #1
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Default I really need some advice regarding a basic website

Hey all,

Around late 2006, a local promotional company named AdelaideMetal.com published on their Myspace that they were offering 3 sub-domains to any local Metal bands that were serious and did not already own a website apart from Myspace.

Considering sitting on the PC is what I do outside of music, I was the first to ask and the guy was happy to give my band a website @ http://kathexus.adelaidemetal.com and I do maintain it but Iíd really like to learn more and I have a couple questions. I use Frontpage and CoffeeCup FTP software, pretty simple but Iíve just started a TAFE course in Multimedia Certificate 3 so I have some new software including Dream Weaver CS3 but thereís been delays in my lessons so Iím still really new to it and very uninformed.

Iím only experienced with text editing, basic html code, file size management and using photoshop 7 pretty much but I do the best I can. Itís pretty time consuming adding to our gallery page when I have to keep our image folder organized and setting up all those hyperlinks but I have the time to do it.

Thereís just this frustrating problem with using tables, once photos or text has been inserted and all done I go into Ďtable propertiesí and then Ďcell propertiesí and choose black for borders and background - not automatic, just plain black. It turns black like it should to suit the pageís background in Frontpage which looks great but then when I upload to the actual website, both in Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers: the tableís lines show as white or grey lines and itís ugly! What am I missing?? I also tried the properties pane in Dreamweaver, the same thing happened, Iím lost.

Once my band distributes our debut release, the websiteís index frame would resemble the albumís artwork and the admin of our domain originally offered to help ďwith any graphics, web design or coding of any sortĒ but that was way back in October 2006 and he kind of seems like a busy guy and I should learn to do whatever I can myself anyway.

Ok sorry for typing so much so I get straight into it.

#1: My little problem using tables in Frontpage, what am I doing wrong?

#2: Iím looking for a contact form so visitors can send us a message from the website itself straight to our bandís hotmail address instead of simply displaying our email address and preferably customizable but itís not like Iím gonna complain. any suggestions?

#3: Custom scroll bars? I donít like the way the default browser scrollbars stick out on the page, can I use custom scroll bars that will apply to all who enter the site?

Thanks, thereís some shiny green rep waiting for any helpful answers.

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Old 03-06-2008, 04:46 AM   #2
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Default Re: I really need some advice regarding a basic website

#1, try border width=0 to get rid of the borders all together.
the grey borders are caused by the 3d properties applied to tables to make them look nice. setting border colours using html tags doesn't change the border colours in firefox as it still alters the borders for th 3d effect.

the only other way to change the border colour so that it works always is to use CSS

#2, you'll need to use either PHP or ASP or some other script language, you'll need to check what your host supports.

#3 again CSS.

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Old 03-08-2008, 06:32 AM   #3
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Default Re: I really need some advice regarding a basic website

Hey thanks, Root. The table solution worked, it was so simple I can't believe I didn't think of that, it's been that way for a fair while too.

The teacher I have for 3 of my 5 subjects has been frustrated because the website we get all of our resources from has had some problems so it's kinda ironic our website lesson is delayed by a problem with their website... I'm still waiting for all this to get cleared up. You see I do it from home so it makes it hard when people work at their own pace or some join the class late early in the year so not that much has been done for those 3 apart from reading.

That plus I never had any website assignments in school IT lessons so it was all new to me. I searched the web for CSS and I'll start reading up on that now thanks.
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