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Old 10-13-2004, 02:55 PM   #1
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Default display form along with selected values.

i am new to ASP, and it seems like you guys are gurus...
well i need little help in displaying user selected values on the next form. plzzz help cuz i am stuck for last 1 week...i was able to get the value for the text fields, by using session variables...and [red]i can save and display the name of the radio button by using session variable but i want to display the form with selected value.... [/red]

Thanx.... any help is great

i am retrieving the user values from form 1 and displaying in a table on form 2. which is working good. but when i try to disply the same form with user selection its not showing me the user selection.

<form action="form2.asp" method="post">

<INPUT type=radio CHECKED name=travel value ="Air">By Air
<INPUT type=radio name=travel value ="Road">By Road</p>
<INPUT type=radio name=travel value ="Ship">By Ship</P>
<INPUT type=radio name=travel value ="limousine">limousine

FORM 2 (this is working fine)
<form action= "form3.asp" method="post" >

<!-- To display radio buttons -->
<% dim travel
travel = Request.Form("travel")%>

<%if travel = "Air" then Response.write("By Air")%>
<%if travel = "Road" then Response.write("By Road")%>
<%if travel = "Ship" then Response.write("By Ship")%>
<%if travel = "limousine" then Response.write("Limousine")%>

<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="travel" VALUE="<%Session("Z") = request.form("travel")%>">

[red]FORM 3 (**problem**)(this is where i want to display form1 along with user entered values) [/red]
[red]<!-- if i use this session variable than it just displays the value of the selected radio... i want the form with the selected value .. from from 2 -->[/red]
<INPUT type=radio CHECKED name=travel value ="Air">By Air
<INPUT type=radio name=travel value ="Road">By Road
<INPUT type=radio name=travel value ="Ship">By Ship
<INPUT type=radio name=travel value ="limousine">limousine

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Old 10-16-2004, 03:37 AM   #2
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Default Re: display form along with selected values.

I'm not particularly great with ASP but I'll give it a shot. Can you try something like:

<% dim radio
radio = Request.Form("radio")%>

<% response.write(radio)%>
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