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Default create a simple login in cgi with no database

hi folks,

I'm trying to create a simple log in. And here what i got so far:

def check_login():
    pwd = { 'user':    'password',
            'game':    'blivit',
    if form.has.key(user) and form.has.key(password):
        print "You are now logged in"
        print "Invalid username or password"

def form1():
   print """    
    <FORM ACTION="assign5.cgi" METHOD="POST">
    <P><FONT SIZE="5" COLOR="#990000">Login</FONT><BR>

    <TABLE BORDER="0" WIDTH="271">
    <TD WIDTH="48%">
        <P ALIGN="RIGHT">Username:
    <TD WIDTH="1%">&nbsp;</TD>
    <TD WIDTH="51%"><INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="username" SIZE="12"></TD>
        <TD WIDTH="48%">
            <P ALIGN="RIGHT">Password:
        <TD WIDTH="1%">&nbsp;</TD>
        <TD WIDTH="51%"><INPUT TYPE="PASSWORD" NAME="password" SIZE="12"></TD>
        <TD WIDTH="48%">&nbsp;</TD>
        <TD WIDTH="1%">&nbsp;</TD>
        <TD WIDTH="51%"><INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="submit" VALUE="Login"><INPUT TYPE="RESET" NAME="Reset" VALUE="Clear"></TD>
form = cgi.FieldStorage()
when i put this script on my site, it shows the log in form(user and password), but when i put user name and password in and click button "Log in" then it does not work.

I don't know what i have done wrong. Any idea ? thanks
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