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Question What Should A GREAT Web Hosting Company Provide? How Can I Find Out...?

What Should A GREAT Web Hosting Company Provide? How Can I Find Out, And What Should I Look For....?

Web hosting these days can sometimes be expensive or costly and you really don't receive that much for what your paying for. Its hard to find great web hosting companies that actually work with the clients to make sure their hosting needs are met, and that they are receiving the most for their money. Hosting a website shouldn't cost you a arm or leg, it should be affordable to everyone, to give everyone who would like to experience the joy of owning a website.

A great web hosting company will provide the user and visitors a clean and easy navigation layout of the whole website. In most cases, if the site has a clean look and professional look, they are serious about high quality service and support. Hosting companies should also have some free services on the site as well. Who would want to pay for everything? Some things should be free on the web right? A excellent web hosting company will have services available on the site where you can either submit your newly or existing transfer site in search engines such as; Yahoo, Google, MSN, Ask, and etc. That shows that they are trying to help you, and aren't just worrying about getting your money. Other free services should include, forums, and support ticket systems. These allows clients as well as guest to be able to ask questions about any concerns they may have. If a web hosting company only has a "contact us" page, and no support ticket system, they aren't providing other methods where you can receive extra support on an issue you may have.

Forums come in really handy when you are searching for a great web hosting company. This provides you the chance to see up front what the service and support is like before you hand your money over. You can see how fast they respond to your post/s, and you can ever ask others on the forums what they think of the service. Not everything on the front page of web hosting companies are exactly true (quotes by others about the web hosting service).

Hosting companies should also provide new customers money back guarantees. Most provide from two weeks to two months. If a web hosting company doesn't provide a money back guarantee, that states that their only concern is getting your money, and probably don't care about rather you like the service or not. Good hosting companies will try to keep your stay with them for a long term, and to do that, they must provide wonderful support and services. If a hosting company takes the time to actually go beyond what you ask help with, or have concerns about, that shows that they put their customers before anything else prior to the company. Those are the companies to go with. Example, if you had a problem on your site, and you needed help with finding a solution, your hosting company should FIRST, try to visit your site, and try to fix the problem themselves, and if the problem can't be fixed by them, they should research or provide another solution on where you can find further help. Thatís a A+ web hosting company, with more than asked for great support.

With that said, hosting should be made easy from anyone who is just starting out, up to advanced experienced users. Companies that go beyond the norm are the ones thatís going to make sure your spot on the web is taken care of with no other worries.

Robert Smith, Webmaster of HastyHost.com
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