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Old 11-07-2003, 09:04 PM   #21
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Default blogs

So Rose I see you are updating your site. The intersting image link to enter did not work for me but maybe you are still working on it. I liked your image you made in photoshop on previous site--anyway is it still going to be a blog site? I got some intersting stuff on blogs from sitepronews that may interest you or anyone blogging that is shared here---

Currently, blogs tend to get great rankings in search engines. Why? Content and linking.

Unlike regular business sites, by their very nature blogs are based on updated information which makes them extremely rich in content. Many blogs are updated several times a day with new articles, thoughts and information. After months or even weeks of inception, a blog can be seen as a wealth of topical knowledge, a quality that search engines such as Google cherish.

Blogs also contain a wealth of links. Since bloggers constantly look for ways to keep their blogs updated, they are likely to provide links rather than solely create all their content themselves. Many bloggers are "old school" Internet believers who have not forgotten that links from site-to-site helped to found the Internet and are not as worried about losing visitors to other sites. Therefore, making a link request of a blogger is likely to yield a much better response than a link request of a regular web site. And such density of linking can lead to high search engine rankings.

Linking and content are not the only reasons owning a blog feels like time traveling back to 1995. There is much about blogging that's still actually fast and free such as the multiple blog search engines and directories that actually have free submittals and 48 hour indexing! An added benefit is that most of these directories have high search engine rankings so getting them to link to your blog will only help the search engine rankings of your own blog.

The first place that you should submit your blog to is Google. It would not hurt either to do some free submittals to AltaVista and FAST Search. Then, submit your blog to the top blog search engines and directories.


BlogSearchEngine http://www.blogsearchengine.com/

BlogHop http://www.bloghop.com/

BlogWise http://www.blogwise.com/

DayPop http://www.daypop.com/

Once you start getting some steady traffic to your blog, you can potentially start to monetize that traffic. Consider implementing the new Google AdSense program (informational link provided below), though since Google owns Blogger it will not grant AdSense accounts for free Blogger users. Upgrading from a free to professional account grants you the ability to run Google AdSense on your blog and only costs $15 annually. The revenue you generate should well cover the cost of the upgrade.

Another option for running advertising on your blog is Blogads. According to their site, "Blogads are an expression of the grassroots intellectual economy. Blogads serve a far more passionate audience than is served by AOL Time Warner, Google, or the average Daily Bugle."

Here's how BlogAds works. Blog owners run a BlogAds box on their site which includes advertising information for their blog. The ad pricing is determined by the blog owner and the advertisement is purchased via BlogAds.com for time intervals from one week to a year. BlogAds.com keeps an updated list of the most popular blogs and advertising pricing on their site. Top click thru percentages have been running from 2.5% to 4%.

Blogs have brought a whole new dimension to the media relations world. News and industry-specific blogs have become the "speaker's corner" for the online community. Bloggers and blog readers are now seen as opinion leaders and early adopters. The blog is an indispensible component of today's online public relations campaigns.

power to the people
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Old 11-09-2003, 02:29 PM   #22
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Hey phranko, thanks for that. I'll do that sometime. . And yes, I'm keeping my blog.

Btw, I have added your links. Enter my site, then go to the navigation number 6., click on the word "linking", then a subpage will show up on the postcard. Click on "recommended" and you'll find your pages linked in there.

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Old 11-10-2003, 12:01 AM   #23
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Default ok


Hey you guys should check out Rose's very cool blog!

power to the people
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