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Default Review my site

Recently I launched my website - The Travellers Web

I need some reviews, opinions about how to make it better....

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Default Re: Review my site

I see we're using the same gallery software. It's some pretty slick stuff. You can get other skins for it here > Category:Gallery 3:Themes - Gallery Codex
Check your spelling on the main page. Chatroom slang doesn't look good for the more serious minded. Add something else to the main page. It looks kinda lonesome and desolate.
Good luck with it.

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Default Re: Review my site

Personally, I find particle effects such as the falling snowflakes very distracting, and they tend to detract from your site more than they add to it. I would strongly suggest removing them, or at the very least if possible, limiting their effect to maybe the first 5 seconds or so, and then having them stop.

Also, your index page style is completely different to the rest of your website, and one major element of good web design is consistency in web page design. Also, your homepage lacks any images save those in the header banner - which is also devoid of a title, which you've just included in plaintext below. I'd suggest including your site heading in the header banner if possible. The distinct lack of content on your index page also leaves it feeling rather bare and empty, and it really has the feel of a website made my someone just beginning to learn how to make websites.

Also, all but one of the pictures in the header are blurry, and this looks terrible- especially for a travel site. You want clear, sharp images to attract the users attention, and for maximum effect.

Additionally, there is no link back to your index page from the forum or the gallery (or any other page for that matter). And the inter-linking between pages is virutally non-existant. Navigation of your website is tedious at best, so I would strongly suggest working on this aspect also.

That should do for now. I hope you find some of the advise I've given helpful. Good luck with your website.
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