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Exclamation The New VISION of the Future

Just wanted to offer some advice for anyone thinking about buying a new computer. The reason being I have dealt with Dell in the past and Dell WAS once a very good company to buy computers from...WAS, not anymore.

They now use inferior parts and components (Just my opinion). Perfect example Maxtor hard drives...(CRAP) Knock off boards etc. When I started at the my current place of employment they were totally Dell and I had to replaced tons of hard drives, power supplies and then one mother board on a 2 month old computer.

They have out sourced thier customer support to India and I have spent hours on the phone with someone I could harldy understand only to come to the very conclusion and faulty component issue that I had told them when I called.

Dell lost their VISION (remember that reference ) years ago when they started caring more about the share holders and profits and nothing about the consumer.

You pretty much roll the dice when you buy from Dell because yes Dell does sell cheap computers and they are one of the most well known names out there right now. But CHEAP is what they sell and CHEAP is what you get from them.

I have since switched to buying computers from a company that is US based and US supported. That company is "Vision Computers" based out of Atlanta and you can find them at http://www.visioncomputers.com/

I have been blown away by the level of support and follow up that they offer. They have been in business since 1992 and well this is what they say as far as why you should buy from them and I can say it is all true.
Why Buy from Vision Computers

.. We build computers that contain only the highest quality components
.. We sell computers at prices that are competitive with those of any company in the world.
.. We hire and train the most knowledgeable sales associates in the industry.
.. Our sales associates give best possible care and attention. They go an extra mile to do more than what is necessary to satisfy your needs.
.. Our sales representatives continually keep themselves updated with the current technology.
.. We continue to evolve based on ever-changing market conditions
.. We fulfill all our commitments
.. Our skilled technician strive for perfection
.. We provide quality telephone tech support within the first 15 seconds of your call.
.. The Technical Support extends their excellent services day or night, weekends or holidays.
.. Large companies trust us with their networking and confidential data.
.. We serve government, navy, schools, hospitals, corporate world, end users.
.. Our staff constantly strives to earn your continued confidence.
Last but certainly not least, we serve our customers with integrity and respect.

So if you or anyone you know is looking for a new pc or laptop check them out. They are the real deal.
Lastly I posted this for two reasons.

1. Because I have bought from them and pretty much put my job on the line in doing so and they have done nothing but deliver and then some.
2. Because one of my friends recently experienced the horror that we all know as Dell (Which I like to refer to as Hell)on a new laptop
and already his hard drive has crapped out on him. I don't want to see that happen to anyone else.

So DUDE please don't buy a Dell...

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Default Re: The New VISION of the Future

This isn't the right place for this. This is more advertising, so I'm moving it to the advertising board.
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