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Default Re: New site!

also just in my own opinion. I personally don't like using I anywhere. Thats just me and it may not be a big deal. Instead use your business name. if that makes sense

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Default Re: New site!

Web Design is an important key to maintaining a successful business. Be ahead of the curve. <(not needed) Now a days <(I talk that way cause I'm from the deep south. But in print it just doesn't look good) everything is heading towards technology.<(Screw that whole line. let's try this> In today's high tech, fast paced society, it's important to be unique.) By creating a website for you or your company you are ensuring that you will be in touch with today's demands. More and more people are resorting to the internet as a way of communication and shopping. Staying (abreast) with (of) the times will be very beneficial to your success. >Chase the life designs is located in Great Falls, Montana.<(Surplus comment. Put it in your company profile.) I (we) offer great web design that fits your needs. I (we) start out with free consulting to make sure that you will be able to get what you want from (us).>my experience.< tooting your horn too much

I (we) am (are) here to meet the needs of you and your business for online promotion. Chase the Life Designs is here to provide great results for the price of nothing. To build a reputation (Just shot yourself in the foot and bleeding profusely. Let's change the first part to> For a limited time) I am offering web design for free on smaller projects. <(No one wants to be a guinea pig for the inexperienced.) There is (There's> Looks better) only a charge for the domain name purchase and hosting purchase. So dont <(typo>should be> don't) delay. Call that (the) number above and see what I (we) can do for you.

Chase the Life Designs specializes in creating unique layouts ( Hmm tuff one there. Let's try this> Instead of layouts change to "designs" for you and your business. It is a great sense of security to know that your website will be an individual in every way. This will also help promote your company by making your site look special and different from other companies in your field. <(redundant statement)

Feel Free to call at any time (How about I ring you at 2 am? Let's try this>
Our hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm cst. Monday through Friday
Phone: (406)781-2306.
Email: chasethelife@hotmail.com.
And for the Love of God get a email domain. Hotmail look like a throw away address to a lot of pros.

I did this with tounge in cheek.

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