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Default Look what everyoneís talking about (£100,000)

Hi guys, Iíve just heard about this new website coming out in September/ October time I think.

Iíve read a press release that said itís a U.K online community, where you can create profiles, upload videos, pictures, chat, meet like minded people and friends, form groups, download songs, videos etc.

It is the first of its kind, as it is made by a group of U.K students and graduates for people their own age in the U.K. I myself and personally fed up of us having to tag onto American websites, so its refreshing that we have one just designed for us. Another feature I read about which I liked is the fact that anyone can join i.e. it is not only open to students. Therefore, I believe we should get behind and support it!

There also offering a membership scheme where you can get mobile phones, Ipods, USB memory sticks (around 10-20% cheaper then the shops), free texts, ring tones etc. In the article I read these guys said that young people especially students need to make their finances go that bit further. Therefore they have organised concessions which they will be able to give with a large number of members on the website.

Iíve also read that if you are an unsigned fashion designer then you can send in your designs and if they are voted for as popular by the community, they will either make these clothes for real and sell them on the site or put them forward to big clothing companies. They are doing the same thing with unsigned music artists.

Basically they said they want to make it the place to be if you are in your late teens or a young adult on the net. They want it to become more then just a meeting place but more a one stop shop. For example a place where you can buy cheaper goods, buy limited edition clothes designed by unsigned fashion designers, play online classic arcade games like Pacman and Sudoku, find advice on issues affecting young people (such as debt, safety when going out etc). It said in the article that they are going to launch a mobile tariff comparison service (which is so needed!) and another killer feature the U.Kís first National Club Directory. As a student Iím fed up of fliers and not knowing where to go out so these guys being ex students themselves said there need to be a service where you can type in what type of music, where and it will give you the results with other relevant info such as what the dress code is, the price, how to get there, what the place looks like etc.

Anyway the main thing that got me reading about the site is that for promotion of clubhunt.co.uk, they are holding a NATIONAL STREET DANCE COMPETITION (breakdancing, body popping, locking, street jazz and routines you see in hip hop/pop videos). Itís for 16-25 year olds and is FREE TO ENTER. The first rounds will be held in most town/cities, followed by regional rounds, then the final in London.

The prize money is £100,000 (thatís more than Big Brother!). As they are a new start up of graduates doing something productive and for other youngsters it said that they secured this prize money from a wealthy donor who likes to help young business start ups which are doing something good socially. They have such high prize money they said to cause a shock and let people know in a short space of time about the site. I mean when was the last time you heard of a proper national street dance competition. It seems that as these guys are young and from the U.K themselves they know whatís in and what we want. I mean people into hip hop, street dance etc are not given much attention into this country. Theyíre also going to be filming the stages and putting them on the website (bit like a dance idol), that should be wicked.

Iíve entered and signed up on the site

(this is only their preview page it looks really cool), I donít expect to win (Iím only a beginner in breakdancing), but it will be a laugh anyway

Log On and Register now if you want to take part, the more of us the better (plus who wouldnít want a stab at £100,000), thatís my student loan taken care of! When you sign up and recommend 10 friends they are also giving away 1000 ipod Nanoís for launch in September! Also sign up now to register to watch the rounds, as it said only a limited number of users can view the rounds on the site. It also said in the article that they have the capacity initially to let only a limited number of people join the site and community (which is free to join, they have already had 5000 members join in the space of a fortnight). All my mates have signed up to view me in action See ya there peeps!
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