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Old 09-14-2004, 09:46 PM   #1
In Runtime
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Default An Introduction ARMITRON

Hi,would like to introduce myself My name is Michael(ARMITRON), I live in Fresno Ca.U.S. I like pleasant matters,art and art in language, explorer of realms and the unknown in the ARK realm. Would like a review on my forum, I emphasize text art in my work and like helping others out of black text art. I signed for a free forum at http://www.yy2.com/explorationrealit....pl?board=news my new forum. Though the site may not have all the extras like this site but its how you use it. And i like those extra bottons and stuff. Oh, how did I find this site, research.Don"t use smilies.Happy.

EARTH DATE 09.15.2004 A.D.
If any of the moderators/admin on this forum would each like a free Gmail/w 1000mb space send a email to my address explorationreality@gmail.com
Gifts make room for you in life.
I like adding to my post instead of too many blog spots and not enough time.
What is it like in Fresno Ca. Its beatiful here with the gaint redwoods and yosmite nearby.Most here in Fresno exist in black art and live in unhappiness, I'm a artist not only on paper but I live in art, I like giving
advice to others, in life you need many advisers to establish a purpose,
I don"t follow black art and I think most who follow black art is due from unaware fate, If you need advice in art and a artful life, remember me.

EARTH DATE 09.15.2004 A.D.
I visit forums that are active, from webmaster forums to design forums and explore inactive forums. Forums are like buildings you would see in any city with offices, rooms, and clubs, some are free and some are not.
I don"t visit xxx forums. Why do forums become inactive? In my exploration of inactive forums i've read thier logs on how they have tryed to save there forum by inventing subjects, games and a whole variety of topics, why did the forum become inactive and members go else where? One motive is lack of advisers to advance or open new doors, new views, I could see this in there archives left behind they didn't have advisers to open the unknown, i leave station links in those inactive /abandoned forums for explorers that might go there, these forums are still on line. I like visiting forums and networking, I think visiting each others forum/building is good.

EARTH DATE 09.16.2004 A.D.
Gifts make room for you. Gmail is good for storage. Gifts open rusty doors to the unknown. I search for gifts without stings to give to others in this vast unknown state. Every wise ship captain knows his ship can sink suddenly from the unknown and to build your talents with being wise. At the lounge I picked up a free 3g email ac.from the introduction link at the relatve links at the bottom of the page that was with my post there, hey it was a good gift with no ads with a color composer, with regards to Lord Kalthorn message. Hey, this board needs a club where others can post causal links and business links,
it can lift the stress and what matters seem to be. Nice to get a reponse. Hopefully i'll be back to lay out oppertunitys( even if only for causal friendship) to those interested
at this post. Your invited to "The Edges" a club at http://www.yy2.com/explorationrealit....pl?board=news
A free gift. Thank you Vincent Liou.
St.George`s International Email Services
St.George`s International Email Services offer you worlds best, biggest e-mail accounts ( 3gb) for FREE ... Here at SGIES and a promise for 5gb
email ac.for free. http://unitedemailsystems.com/v3/index.shtml

EARTH DATE 09.20.2004 A.D.
I did a review on my introduction here and your invited to read what i have written. It's good.http://www.yy2.com/explorationrealit...num=1094848108 One of my 125mb site is gone, its like a lear jet to me.Working on a webmasters forum looking for why. My backup site is http://armitron.125mb.com but is still in modifcations, its an advise site. Have a good day. Be back soon hopfully.

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The Candyman
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Default Re: An Introduction ARMITRON

this forum does has a advertizing section.....word

" Let the music move you "
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Good theory Armitron; but the theory should be on the Advertising Section. Plus - and I say it to everybody offering gmail accounts; what if a person is interested in it and doesn't want a gmail account?

What is so good about GMail anyway? Other than the fact it gives lots of nice information to Advertising People.

<<< Moved to Advertising Board >>>
A Knight is sworn to Honour. His heart knows only Virtue. His blade defends the helpless. His might upholds the Weak. His word speaks only truth. His wrath undoes the Wicked.
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