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Default CSS in use

Imagine a document that is as boring as its content.
No expressive font, no colored texts or backgrounds, no spacing between words and letters, no margins, no borders and no inserted elements!
Who would spend time to figure out all that has been written even if the information carries immense importance?

That is exactly what CSS or Cascading Style sheet helps us to avoid from doing. It is essentially a style sheet language that is commonly used to style the web pages written in HTML or XHTML primarily, however, it may be used for all other types like SVG and XUL as well.

Simply put, CSS web design pattern is meant to separate the document content from document presentation. Not only does this allow enhanced accessibility but also more flexibility and specified characteristics. But there is nothing that comes without flaws. CSS too is inflicted with the wounds of inconsistent browser support , absence of expressions and lack of variables. But then, it is the sole medium that holds our attention to content.
CSS, in other words, is virtual style fashion redefined!

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Default Re: CSS in use

Not sure what you're trying to do by posting all these guides up.

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Default Re: CSS in use

It's a spammer. If the url link fired you'd see it. She paid a real short visit to CV a while ago.
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