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Old 02-16-2011, 02:30 PM   #1
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Default Worse Microsoft OS Of All Time

What was your worse Microsoft OS of all time, Vote the poll and tell us about it

You can vote for more than one OS if you wish.

For me I think most OS's were great for there time, Apart from Vista. I feel that Vista is the OS as microsoft wanted it to be, And then they released windows 7 after listening to what the users want

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Default Re: Worse Microsoft OS Of All Time

ME/2000/NT I always no matter what had some sort of driver issue with these OS's. I could never get my games to run either, like lego racers and lego world. Lmao.

Didnt really work with vista all that much, and when i did it didn't pose any problems for me.

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Default Re: Worse Microsoft OS Of All Time

3 was pretty useless, though ME is famous for its overall crappiness. Got me a free computer because of ME, actually...
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Default Re: Worse Microsoft OS Of All Time

This will be an interesting poll. Win ME ran fairly rock solid for me after some work on it, and I really enjoy WinVista.
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Old 02-17-2011, 05:50 AM   #5
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Default Re: Worse Microsoft OS Of All Time

to be fair:...
MS Dos, there are at least 6 different versions of this.
Windows 3 and three different versions of this (3, 3.1, 3.11)
Windows 95 (two versions of this) (a and b)
Windows 98 (and two versions of this) (first edition was pretty crappy, second edition was the one that was ok).
Windows ME (was seemingly only released to trry and get a tiny bit more money from the original DOS system, thus still suffered from all the problems of dos based systems, and because it was new, lacked driver support, and since it was surpassed by windows 2000 never really got driver support proper)
Windows NT (was released as two versions 3, and 4.5 -4.5 still holds the record for most service packs (6)), this wasn't a home os, and those that tried to flit between windows 98 and windows NT had to learn where everything was twice. it was a very good OS. powerful stable etc, but wasn't much loved due to the fact that it was around when the whole world was using 98, and it was different to 98.
Windows 2000 (was named wrong, it should have been called nt5, it was called windows 2000 as a excercise in pyscology, people didn't want to buy nt in the shops so it was simply rebranded and people bought it, (loosing support for some joysticks, midi controllers etc, basically anything that wanted to talk to hardware directly instead of through level 0 dll files) -which is why that OS had a bad rep.
Windows XP is possibly one of the best windows os's ever, the only problem with it is how bloated it's gotten after service pack 3.
Windows Vista was a mistake, I understand that the OS dev team had to show something for their efforts (massive gap between xp and vista), but the release schedule was a big mistake, everything that was going to be great about vista, (new security new file systems new features etc), were mostly dropped to make the release.
Windows 7 is what windows vista should have been, and if it weren't for vista windows 7 would seem even better.

To be honest, I voted for ME, it was an os that should have never been, (but Vista is pretty much level with it).
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Default Re: Worse Microsoft OS Of All Time

In the end, I had to vote for ME. Vista was a problem at first but once MS got patches out the problem was simply third-parties not making drivers which isn't their fault. ME on the other hand, just never worked right for me.
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Default Re: Worse Microsoft OS Of All Time

I'm not sure which to vote for, I had no problems with ME, I had a massive amount of fun configuring MS-DOS and Windows 3.11, never tried 95, Windows 98 SE was awesome, Windows 2000 rocks, Windows XP is still awesome, never tried Vista, and currently use Windows 7 after using Windows XP for 4 years.
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Default Re: Worse Microsoft OS Of All Time

the only os's i used were, 95 (installed from 3.5 floppies, lots of them), 98, xp home and pro, vista pro 32 and now 7 ultimate 64.

never had too many problems with any of them.

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