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Default Windows says existing account does not exist

I've got a very interesting problem.

Credit to those who can solve this one:


My computer got really messy due to me trying to fix something. Unwise move.

I ran the Windows XP repair possibility, and I was prompted to create new user accounts, which I did.


When accessing MyComputer, XP tells me I have only 13GB out of 65GB left.

I can’t quite figure out this, because I can’t locate so many files nowhere.

I run “DiskSpaceFinder” to see where the GB’s have gone. No helpful results. “DiskSpaceFinder” reports results in line with what I expect would be left on the computer. I.e. it reports usage of about only 14 GB.

Second step:

I install TuneUpUtilities 2009, and I run their space-check tool.

Surprise, surprise: All the used GB are located, and when I travel into the subdirectories, I find that TuneUpUtilities show me my old accounts INTACT.

In TuneUpUtilities I see:


I never really used Old2-Old4.

Old 1 was my primary user account, and I had over 35 GB stored there, which is in accordance with what TuneUpUtilities shows me.

Now-this get strange: When using TuneUpUtilities I am able to look in ALL my subdirectories in detail, but not when I enter C: manually.

When entering C; manually I find my old user accounts listed under DocumentsandSetting, and I am able to access Old2-4 but, and please pay attention now, I am NOT able to access Old1.

MyComputer tells me that Old1 has 0 byte date in it, and it flashed me a “’Old1 is NOT AVAILABLE. NO ACCESS” error

I can’t at all enter the account.
Can you answer this:

1) What has really happened here
2) Why on earth can I access my Old1 account IN DETAIL when using Tune Uputilities, but NOT AT ALL when entering manually in C:
3) How can this be amended. I really would like to use my Old1 account, or secondarily be able to copy the data from Old1 to New1

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Default Re: Windows says existing account does not exist

1. Maybe the repair has created non-admin accounts.
2. See #1 in combo with: maybe Tune Up Utilities runs as an administrator, granting access to all your files.
3. OPTION 1: Try booting into safe mode and logging in under the administrator account. See if you can then copy the files over to somewhere (and change the permissions to allow New1 or even everybody access to them. Then reboot and see if New1 can access them. OPTION 2: You could try to 'Take Ownership' of the folder. You'll have to google the steps to do this as I'm not sure what they are without sitting down and doing them myself. I think you go to permission>advanced>...?...

Post back results.
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