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Default window pain

Hi forum peeps I have an issue that I am certain will not get solved by posting this thread, but I just need to get it off my chest.

So a couple weeks ago I bought my wife a new Asus i7 nvidia lappy (which is epic) and instead of getting myself a new one I thought I would just upgrade my 2 year old Asus with a SSD.

Which at my first thought sounded like a good cheap way to gain performance, and since I am by no means a very computer savy person, I figured it would be as simple as ripping out my HDD and slappin in the shiney new SSD. Boy was I in for a wake up call. After 4 straight days of googling, I found out that, of course, windows doesn't want you to be sharing itself with multiple hard drives. Shocking I know (sarcasm).

Of course there are thousands of threads out there with geeks that found ways to do it, including some on this particular forum site I'm sure. All of which include terms that I would be hearing for the first time, and would have to Google and teach myself all about everything they talk about. So far I have learned such terms as cloning, iso files, linux, imaging, and many more.

I have attempted dozens of times to get windows on my new SSD and have only resulted in error messages and miserable failure.

I will of course read any reply's to this forum but I really am done with attempting to do this daunting task, and I fully intend to just buy a windows disk for like u hundred bucks so i can just slap my SSD in and throw that disk in and follow the pretty little step by step process to beautiful windows bliss (sarcasm again).

I really hope this thread can just warn people about replacing your hard drive in your laptop. It is not an easy task for the ungeeky <--not gonna spell check that one. I really hope this SSD is worth the grand total of over 220 bucks for a measly 128 gigs. Thanx fer hearing me out, peace.

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Default Re: window pain

I nearly fell out of my chair laughing so hard. You're pretty upbeat about it and brother that is a refreshing change of pace from the HELP!!! I fracked up.
You make a Copy of the disc using something like the Ghost program. When you get your new toy all snug in the bay, you copy the image on to it. Back up and running in no time.
As for that 128 gigs being your only drive in your lappy, you're in for a shock. Windoze takes up anywhere from 20 to 60 gigs. If you save a lot of goodies on your drive such as data, movies, pics, and music, That 128 gigs is gonna be gone in a flash.
Oh yeah they're fast and all that but you could have got a 640 gig hard disc drive for about the same amount of money...
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