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Default Re: why are programs so unnecessarily complicated?

Oh, I have. Plenty of times.

Originally Posted by slamhound View Post
well getting an avatar on this profile for one.
Like this one for example, haha.

But I assumed it's because my profile does not meet certain post/status requirement. I have uploaded a picture for my avatar successfully. I looked around briefly, and saw no post explaining such requirement -- which is fair enough, the mods are not obligated to do so. I saw one other poster with less posts than I have, but has an avatar successfully displayed. But CF is an old discussion forum, so it likely that a.) requirements changed at some point and/or b.) that particular poster went through certain status change that I was not a part of.

I went through these thoughts -- and decided not to worry about it -- not because I am more placid or have more skills, etc. -- but because I happen to have seen how a few discussion forums work and have even set up a few. This is something that will happen for you, too, with more things that you come across and with more time. So the next time you come across avatar picture not working, you won't be stressed by it. And it expands to other experiences, a profile signature on another discussion forum, possibly, or an avatar picture on something other than a discussion forum.

Don't worry, things will get better.

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Default Re: why are programs so unnecessarily complicated?

Originally Posted by slamhound View Post
i can imagine it depends on the person. but why not make all programs simple and self explanatory? no program is like that from what i've seen
As a developer, I can tell you that creating something that's simple and self explanatory for every single possible user out there is going to be impossible. We have to keep in mind the small amount of overly advanced users who don't want to be insulted, and the small amount of people who'll just be confused and have a hard time grasping it. Ignoring the majority who see it as either self explanatory or simple to pick up what we end up a "duck billed platypus" problem.

What I mean by that is the advanced users describe something that looks and functions like a duck, the ones who have difficulties describe wanting something that looks and functions like a beaver. What the end result from a compromise is a duck billed platypus that no one is happy with. No program that I'm aware of is immune to this happening.

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