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Old 05-02-2014, 09:08 AM   #11
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Default Re: why doe's my browser constanly page up on it's own

Hi: I'm sitting here in the clear morning air reading this thread and thinking to myself: Why is everyone so uptight? But if you would have looked at me on Monday, you would be convinced that I'm even more frustrated, agitated and unkind, and for that, I am sorry.

If I look at myself first, I get the answers.

In regards to this self-scrolling problem in the browser-war discussion, I would like to make a contribution.

Before I can make a helpful suggestion it helps to remember if I do a simple fact finding, I do not contribute from intuition or plain 'gut feel.' I don't have the tools or time to gather facts, so I have to guess like everyone else and hope nobody dis's me for having my own opinion; trying to help.

From what I gather, the poor guy has a touch problem. Either his input device has Auto-Settings he has not explored, like auto scroll, or he's using a Laptop with a very sensitive touch pad and one of his palms is inadvertently touching it and causing the unwanted screen behavior when he's on the Web.

Barring that, maybe a script is running that needs to be 'Terminated!'

In the words of the former California Governator: (To be continued)...

Now how do I copy and paste this?

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Default Re: why doe's my browser constanly page up on it's own

I'm using a Logiteck optical mouse it's working fine.

yes I'm using a lap top for my internet use I don't use the very senitive touch pad there's usalley a piece of paper cover both the keybroad and the TP maybe I'll clear off the paper covering the TP.

I will try out google chrome as a browser and report back results.

I breifly used google chrome as a browser and found it was'nt a homepage so I quite using it so this time I'll try google chrome as a browser just to log on to net then have MSN HP in favorites.

I am convinced the Homepage MSN is causing the pageup ( which will happen more than once all depends on how big the advertisment ad is larger the ad = longer load time) because the advertisments haven't finished loading and these advertisments are forcing my page back up so they will be sean.

after the peaskie ad is loaded the HP dosen't force a page up.

Thanks Guys STB

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Default Re: why doe's my browser constanly page up on it's own

It sounds like its doing it cause the page isnt fully loaded. I would try mozilla firefox. Im not the biggest fan of chrome plus its really resource hungry and can bog down the system quite a bit. So like i said i reccomend firefox

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Old 05-05-2014, 06:59 AM   #14
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Default Re: why doe's my browser constanly page up on it's own

What's happening is there is an ad at the top of the page. It loads and plays through. When it's done playing, it shrinks down and goes real small. This causes the browser to move around.

I don't think IE has ad-block plus, but that plugin would solve the problem on Chrome or Firefox.
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Default Re: why doe's my browser constanly page up on it's own

I am using Firefox and i love it. It does have ad-blocker plus installed and it works perfectly.

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