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Default Re: Whats a better computer?

Originally Posted by joedaman633 View Post
If you look at the standard pricing you seem to get a better spec PC for your money compared to a Mac, a lot of what you're paying for is the Apple brand.

If you've got a huge amount to spend and don't mind paying a hefty premium, then you'll get a product which does the job a little bit better. If you opt for the PC route then you'll get a machine that you pay less of a premium and aesthetically won't be as pleasing, nor will it be as simple to use. However, from a performance perspective, I'd have thought the PC would have had the advantage.

Adobe actually said themselves that there is no performance difference between their software running on a Mac or a PC, the programmers didn't type code that runs better on one operating system than another...


Being as Macs are now built on an Intel platform anyway... the only *real* difference between a Mac and a PC is the OS, and you can actually install OSX on your own-build PC anyway, some people had performance issues when they build their own, (BUT THIS IS A LIMITATION OF OSX, NOT THE HARDWARE) due to the fact the OS didn't strictly support the components they had selected... (drivers etc).

On top of this, a new Mac Pro is not upgradeable like the old model... meaning if you want to increase the performance you'll have to buy a totally new machine... Whereas with a PC you can choose to upgrade individual components, and on the next major upgrade you'd likely save money as you probably wouldn't need a new case, power supply, optical disk drive and fans.

So... if you're willing to pay more for aesthetics (when you can get some stunning PCs anyway), a brand, and an OS you could run on your own build anyway, then go for a Mac. If you're happy to pay less for a machine which has greater hardware choice, is cheaper, and will "do the job" just as quickly, then choose a PC.
thank you for this sensible answer. However, the topic has gone a bit astray lol. In the .pdfs i have provided, which one is a better performer?

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Default Re: Whats a better computer?

In my opinion, the "Scan" machine would run a little better (but barely notceable).

The Scan machine has a marginally better motherboard and the storage drive is 7200rpm (whereas the sonox one is only 5900rpm). The Scan machine also makes it more clear what the processor is overclocked to and also appears to be a little cheaper, so would be a better choice.

EDIT: I've just checked pricing up a build if you did it yourself, it's cheaper if you can build it yourself, but if it's a first time build then it's probably not the best idea to "practice" with a 2000GBP system!

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Default Re: Whats a better computer?

IMO if money is not a big deal, go with scan.

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