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Default Video Playback Problem

Wasn't sure whether to put this in hardware or software, as I'm not entirely sure what's causing the problem.

I am using:

Windows 7 Ultimate
Seagate 1TB x 2
Core2duo E8400
2 x 2GB Kingston DDR2

Computer No. 2 is:

Windows XP Professional
Seagate 80GB
Athlon XP 2000

When I play video content i.e avi, mpeg, etc. it takes ages to start up, and then has a tendency to skip or freeze constantly while playing. If I move the slider to another part of the show, it will freeze again while it "loads".

At first I assumed video card problem, so I installed the latest drivers. This did not fix the problem. I tried watching something from my computer on another computer on the network, and had the same problem, but when I copied it to the hard drive on the other computer, it would play fine. Thus, I knew it wasn't anything to do with the video card.

I went back to my computer and copied a video file to a different hard drive, and it played okay, so I figure it's specifically a hard drive problem. So I ran chckdsk, I don't know if it found any problems or not as I went away and let it do its thing for the most bit.

I have restarted several times since this started happening, and have analysed the particular drive for defragging (says it doesn't need it).

I have tried using WMP, MPC, VLC, GOM. Not working properly in any of these. It is worse with HD content.

My guess is that data is coming off the hard drive to slowly, but I'm not sure why this would be happening or how it could be fixed. As the drive is only a year or two old and has not suffered any direct physical damage, I suspect that it is a software based problem.

The operating system is not installed on this drive, so it would be possible for me to easily move stuff from this drive (if I have enough space) and format it. However, I would like to explore other avenues as this may be tedious, particularly if data is reading very slowly.

Hopefully someone out there has an idea what might be causing this. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I just downloaded and ran a program called Exibition Software Drive Speed Checker, and the results came out pretty similar, both showing reasonably fast speeds on all counts.
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