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Default upgraded samsung q1

I'm putting this in the software forum because most of my questions are software related.

Anyway, My Gf bought the original sumsung Q1 something like 2 years ago before I knew her. For like 1000$ I think its a waste of money with its 512 ram, 40gig harddrive and 1ghz processor (which seemed to be run at 600mhz when I looked). She thought the same when she got it home and after about a month it went in the desk drawer until lately because its so slow.

So I've been bored lately and decided to see how much I could improve it. After upgrading to 2gigs of ram and windows 7 professional its much more useable. Couple of problems though since the upgrade to 7. I can't find a way to calibrate the touch screen anywhere, which is driving me nuts because it's out by about half a centimeter. A lesser problem is the stick and buttons next to the screen don't work aswell as the volume control buttons. Also, despite being in the right resolution for the device to fit windows to the screen(800x480), some pop-up menu's still don't fit which is causing a lot of hassle. I think my final software problem was to ask wether its completely impossible to switch windows 7 professional's language? Because I live in china, and my windows is in chinese....

sorry thats quite a lot, but help with anything would be great. I'd probably be able to figure out more if it wasn't in chinese....

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Default Re: upgraded samsung q1

you need the drivers

Never used one but did some research for you, I must remind you, youtube is a weapon, use the link not and read the comments, in the video he points out the obvious with interface drivers for the touch

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Default Re: upgraded samsung q1

Slightly isulted that you think I haven't looked at drivers after I managed to add ram and install windows 7 myself, but thanks for the thought anyway. youtube doesn't work in china, like 40% of other western sites, they are just blocked, so I cannot look at the video.

I actually fixed the calibration problem by downloading software from intel. But now for some reason if I don't use the touch screen for a while I have to re-calibrate to activate it again. atleast when I am using it it's accurate now.

Also fixed the language problem after reading everywhere it was impossible to install english on other language windows 7 professional. The program vistalizer (think that was the name) is able to do an unofficial install, the website offers language pack direct downloads.

The windows still get cut off preventing me installing some software as I cannot click continue at the bottom. And I'm stuck at 800x480 resolution. So that i assume is a driver problem but not sure what to install to fix it. the only driers specific to the q1 are on the samsung site, but are only for xp. if i install the original xp display driver ill that fix it so I can use other resolutions?
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