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Default Updated Drivers, lost a BUNCH of Video RAM

Hello all,
I recently had to update my radeon HD 4850 graphics card drivers after being prompted to when loading my first Battlefield 3 game. Before I updated the drivers I went on systemrequirements.com to see if I could run Battlefield 3 and I was assured I could with my 3.5 GB of Video RAM more than meeting the 528 MB minimum.

After uninstalling my old drivers and installing the new 11.9 drivers I am running into a problem. The drivers installed correctly according to my catalyst control center but now when i go on systemrequirements.com it says I cannot run the game and i only have 256 MB of Video RAM. I tried to play BF3 with the updated driver hoping that systemrequirements was wrong or something and the lag was comical.

Is there something I did wrong installing the drivers to make all this RAM disappear or is it possible I could lose it from another way. I built this computer ~3 years ago with limited knowledge and the help of these forums and this is the first major hiccup I have encountered that I have not been able to troubleshoot with a few hours of my time and google.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Default Re: Updated Drivers, lost a BUNCH of Video RAM

What settings is the game set to?

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Default Re: Updated Drivers, lost a BUNCH of Video RAM

You didn't do anything wrong, and your card is almost certainly only a 256 MB card. the 3.5 GB of "Video RAM" is the system's allocation of both system RAM and video ram to the 3D driver. It's a confusing problem in video drivers sometimes, but the true amount that the 4850 usually ships with is 256 MB or 512MB.
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