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Default Unknown problem

Okay so, I got this new tower computer recently, cyberpowerpc gamer ultra, and I'm having an issue. Background info, I started it up fine the first time and was able to download some things, ccleaner, 7zip, and steam, after that, Windows said it needed to update and restart, I let it however, it said after a few minutes the update stopped and it told me "Windows has ran into a problem" with just a qr code on screen, no numbers to identify the issue. It turned off my computer and now it won't show display, it'll turn on and everything will run, but display won't do anything. Extra info I had it plugged into my tv with an hdmi first time it actually started working, I've tried all 3 different plugs it have, also I've tried a number of things to get it working again but nothing really, the only other thing is that when I turn my tv to the correct hdmi the computers plugged into it stops at a black screen like it's loading something but then it goes to no signal, help would be much appriciated

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Default Re: Unknown problem

I would have whipped the side off and reseated all the daughter boards including and especially the RAM modules. BUT there is a problem doing this. If this computer is new it may well be under guarantee. Some unscrupulous manufacturers put s a sticker across the join saying that if this sticker has been removed or broken then the guarantee will be nullified or words to that effect. I say unscroupulous because that means you cannot upgrade your RAM or other plugged in parts with nullifying your guarantee.

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Default Re: Unknown problem

Are there still mfrs that do that? The only mfr I ever saw do that was eMachines and that was more than 10 years ago.

Assuming there is no such sticker, the advice to reseat everything is right on as things may have been loosened during shipment.

If there is such a sticker, I would consider returning the computer and buying from a different vendor because a computer that you are forbidden to open is very limited.
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Default Re: Unknown problem

To be honest the last time I saw a sticker was a couple of years ago on a desktop that I bought off an Ebay vendor. He got a "to the point" message from me and a very bad review. Luckily I can repair most things on my computers so I just went with it. Having said that IF the OP did have a sticker, warning him means that he cannot come back and say I broke his computer.
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Default Re: Unknown problem

It does sound like somethings lose or come unseated. I'd open it up and tighten all the screws, check the wiring etc. I'm guessing it was shipped to you so it may have been jarred a bit in transport. Especially check that the GPU is seated right.
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