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Default troubleshooting PCMCIA card

hey im not sure if this is the right place for this but since im not too sure, ill assume its a software issue, and repost in a different topic section if needed...

i have a (cisco systems 350 series wireless LAN adapter) that inserts into a pcmcia adapter

driver was last updated (july 7 2001) and the version is ( and was provided by microsoft

now the issue i have is that the card is working (mostly) and is detecting the router and is sending and recieving packets... but does not load web pages, initiate transfer protocols, or anything else that would equal internet access...

i had a VERY similar issue with my mother's laptop, which was fixed by performing a factory restore from the restore partition. the laptop im working with now does not have a recovery partition and i want to wait untill i rule out every other option before going to extremes like that.

i assume that the issue lies in 1 of 3 places-
1: the driver is out of date and the issue can be fixed by a simple update
2: the card is simply broken, in which case, im boned
3: a virus has mucked up the works, and there are 2 solutions, a virus scan or a factory restore

i will eventually figuere out the problem, but since this laptop is not mine, i would rather get an opinion from someone with the knowhow before i experiment...

the laptop is a dell latitude D600.

any help or insight would be much appreciated

PS- if i can fix it, i get paid $100 toward college classes to learn how to do this kind of stuff without asking on forums and experimenting

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Default Re: troubleshooting PCMCIA card

Do other devices on the network have the same problem?

My gut feeling is that this is simply a bad card. If you want to scan for viruses, take the hard drive out and plug it into another computer to scan it. I'd also check and make sure a firewall isn't blocking the connection.

Also, what version of windows is this running? Sometimes the windows master settings for the internet get's set to use a proxy and it causes symptoms like this. Knowing your version of windows we could help direct you to change the settings.
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