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Default Take care of

What to do to take care of our computer?

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Default Re: Take care of

Do you have any issues, or are you just looking for general preventative maintenance tips? Here's what I suggest:


Keep the operating system clean. Practice common sense when browsing the web and downloading software. If you are interested in a questionable software program, check reviews or with us before installing. When installing, avoid unwanted bundled junk buy unchecking it in the installer.

Avoid big name antivirus software such as Norton, McAfee, etc. These programs slow down your computer and cause more harm then good. If you have windows 8/10, it already includes Windows Defender. Ensure that its on and updated.

If you have windows 7 or below, install Microsoft Security Essentials, a free, lightweight antivirus software.

I also recommend the free versions of MalwareBytes Antimalware and CCleaner. Install these programs and run them on default settings periodically. Remove any junk that they find.


This depends on the type of computer you have. But here's a a couple tips:

If you have a desktop or laptop PC, keep them clean! Keep the vents free of obstruction and clutter. Periodically use canned air to free up dust in a laptop's air vents. If you have a desktop, take the side panel off and carefully clear dust away from the components.

Use a quality surge protector or battery backup unit. You want a consistent level of power flowing through your devices to keep them healthy for a long time.

And finally, if you have a laptop, do NOT open the lid with one hand from one side of the screen. You use one hand in the center of the lid, and open slowly. I see people damaging their computers this way on a daily basis.

Anyway, just some friendly tips. If you have any specific questions post them so we can answer them.

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Default Re: Take care of

Hi Good stuff crazyman!! Don't settle for a slow computer!! Some good tips here in this MS link!!
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Default Re: Take care of

For crazyman143.. no,just general preventative maintenance..so thank u for the tips..... I have another question....

I use my laptop for gaming, I play it,after playing it my laptop got it slowfor every program. I play videos lag. So what is happen with my laptop? What u think about it?

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Default Re: Take care of

First of all laptops are not generally a preferred device for gaming. They are small with a large amount of equipment tucked into a small badly ventilated package with little opportunity to improve on that. Most have onboard video cards which means they are not only forced to share ram with other components of the system rather than create their own memory for video and again no opportunity for improvement.

Now all that said if your games are online what do you use for Antimalware protection? Yours better be better than most because gaming download sites are sess pools of Malware and bloatware waiting for the unprotected person who enters. because what you do with the latop requires frequent physical cleaning as well, do you have a can of air ready to blow out the vents on your laptop and a vacuum to get the rest from the outside only?
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