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Default Synching files in XP or server 2003???

This is my situation. I have 5 technicians that all carry around laptops with xp pro installed in them. They carry them simply to have hundreds of repair manuals,parts catalogs and service bulletins on them. I'm responsible for updating them myself and I'm looking for a quicker way to do it.

I was thinking that I could use my Folder I've created on my FTP server that I update and some how synch it with their folders on the laptops so that every time they power on in the morning before they leave it will automatically synch and update or overwrite the existing folder on their PC.

I have my FTP server and my main server available. FTP is running xp pro and server has 2003.

Anyone have any insight or suggestions? Any help would be s\appreciated.

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Default Re: Synching files in XP or server 2003???


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Default Re: Synching files in XP or server 2003???

Why not write some bat files?

Put a bat file somewhere were it can't be deleted by accident and bring a short to the desktop it wont be automated they would have to click on it themselves but it would take care of everything itself. New files folders ect.

And if you use the "/d" switch it will just write stuff added or changed since the last time that computer was synced. The only thing is you would be forgoing the FTP and just putting it up there as a shared folder also don't forget for this to work seem less after a boot up there laptops must have the drives mapped.

The downfall to this is, if you find yourself deleting allot of files off the server for these people they will stay on the laptops so every now and then you might want to go to there "master folder" they are using and delete it and simply just get the bat file going again.

Something else you might want to consider is "Briefcase" I use it with my laptop and home workstation keeps everything in perfect sync.
The thing here is you have to be careful if a tech of yours deletes a sub folder it will delete it off the server (when he goes to sync) and have a trickle down effect on the other techs. And also the opposite effect if someone gets a porn video and happens to put it in the "Master folder" its going to upload it to the server and have the trickle down effect with everyone else.

I would try the bat files like I said after the first sync its just updating for switches try /d/s/e/y

They will take care of new files since last sync any files that has been altered at the server will also change on the laptops and it will copy over your directory tree structure. But it cant delete files or folders so just keep that in mind
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