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Default Sound check.

SO! i have begun my carrier as a PC gamer but have run into a problem. i have built my own computer and am using windows 7 ultimate as a platform and besides the main problems (inability to access my bios, having to put my ram chips in separate types of slots) i have one i want to fix.

After using steam or video viewing software for about half an hour the sound will cut out and stay out. my graphics card is a cheap one but i didn't think that it was too bad but also my external speaker is a boombox i had lying around, so perhaps that could be the problem? usually just exiting out of the program and reopening it works but as you can imagine that's super annoying when you're in the middle of a TF2 match.

i'm am still new to working with computers and am more used to Macs. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Default Re: Sound check.

I think your problems are all linked.

What do you mean by inability to access BIOS and ram in different types of slots? On a self-built computer you should be able to have no problems getting into BIOS by pressing ESC, F2, DEL or whatever key the motherboard has reserved for that on boot-up. Different types of slot for RAM implies that you've put RAM into slots that it's not designed to go in.

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Default Re: Sound check.

bios problem: i can not enter my bios and make changes to ram speed, CPU options, etc.
Ram problem: so usually, as far as i know, you'll have two ram chips in two brother slots (two similar, linked, binary what ever, slots.) in my computer i have them in non-brother slots. i did this because having them in brother slot made my computer crash because the CPU speed was to slow or something like that. (i didn't diagnose this.)

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Default Re:

If you are facing problem with the sound track make sure that all wires are well connected and still don't have solution check that the sound drivers are working or not.
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Default Re: Sound check.

i don't think the sound driver could be the problem. the sound cuts out while playing and when i exit the window and reopen the program then the sound comes back. for streaming video files like netflix the sound will stay continuously and won't cut out.
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