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Question Some questions

I wanted to ask some questions that I feel kinda silly asking but their nagging at me lol

When you install an operating system on a brand new system(something you just built) I understand that you must go into the bios to set it to boot from the cd drive(or whatever you are booting from) but what about after the os has been loaded? Must you go back into the bios and change it to boot from the harddrive now or does it do this automatically?

How does one access the recovery console if they don't have the original windows disc? (as if they bought the computer out of bestbuy etc etc)

Those are the only questions I can think of now. Thanks for any replies!

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Default Re: Some questions

from my knowledge you boot it from the cd drive and choose the hard drive you want to install the OS itself on and once its installed onto that hard drive your done. recovery console i have no idea

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Default Re: Some questions

Typically the BIOS will have a setting for the boot device order. There are some differences between different motherboards, but usually you can have up to three different boot devices and you can set the order that you want your computer to try to boot from them. For example 1st boot priority might be set to CD/DVD with the second boot device set as a hard disk drive. I usually leave the third boot device disabled. When the BIOS is configured this way the computer will attempt to boot from the CD/DVD drive first. If there isn't anything to boot from in the CD/DVD, then the computer tries the second device, which in my example is the hard disk drive.

So, let's say you install an operating system on your new computer build with the boot order set like I described above. Your computer would boot off the CD/DVD allowing you to install the OS onto the hard disk drive. When you are done installing the OS you would take out your installation CD or DVD and when you start up the computer it would boot from the hard disk after not being able to boot from the CD/DVD drive.

After the operating system is installed, many people will reconfigure the BIOS so that the hard disk drive is the first boot device, in order to speed up the boot process a little.

As for how you access the recovery console, it really depend upon which operating system you are talking about, Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.
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Default Re: Some questions

depending on certion things im not 100% sure of somthing the os will chang it back to hdd for you if not then yes you must and if you decide not to just eject the cd drive and make sure no cd that is bootable is in while booting widows / linux / mac / w.e. or it will just say Press any key to boot from CD/DVD... then if you dont click anything it will boot so yeh u have 4 options

1. Your OS or somthing cleaver will do it for you
2. Leave it on and make sure you dont have a bootable CD in
3. Change it back
4. Wait like 5 Seconds Extra While Booting

and Recovery disk's i think you can download (leggaly) or buy on ebay i do belive but not 100% sure
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Default Re: Some questions

Depending on the manufacturer, you may be able to burn a recovery disc from within your Windows installation. Some makers (HP, for example) only allow you to build a restore disc, which will return your system to its original state when used.
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Default Re: Some questions

The OS won't change the boot order automatically but during bootup, the system will keep checking for a bootable disk there and when it doesn't find one it will continue on and boot from the HDD. If it does find a bootable disk in the drive it will prompt you to "Press any key to boot from CD". If you ignore that and don't press a key then it will proceed to boot from the HDD.

Most manufacturers today have a recovery partition setup on the HDD that is accessed by pressing a key combination such as Alt-F10 during boot. Different manufacturers use different key combos.

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