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Default Software to organize and navigate information... Does this exist?

I don't know if this software even exists, but I'm looking for a program to help me organize, navigate, and view information.

Is there a program that allows the user to input his/her own information, structuring the look (placing pictures, framed text boxes, etc.), navigate by clicking on live internal "links," and possibly features like inserting pull down menus.

Basically, I want something that looks/works like a website, but is exclusively offline and ideally doesn't require the coding involved in website building (though if necessary, I can do that), and would be transferable to another computer?
The intention is for me to be able to access and navigate this data, not necessarily to present it, but I would like the presentation to be visually pleasing.

I would also like it to be a program that doesn't take up a ton of ram to run. I will probably have upwards of 100 sections of information to organize at about 3-10 pages each.... Just to make it *more* difficult.

Because I have something *so* specific in mind, I have no idea where to even start looking, and was hoping someone could give some help.



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Default Re: Software to organize and navigate information... Does this exist?

There are two type of solutions to do what you want to do. One is a code editor, and the other is a code bank.

There are several code editors but my favorite is Araneae, offerring the features:

Araneae Features

Syntax highlighting
Support for HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and more
Instant browser preview, even without saving
Insert customizable quick clips
Tabbed multi-document interface
Drag and drop support for files and images
Downloadable extensions

it's freeware and can be downloaded here; Araneae: Text Editor Software For The Web
Or try one of these, 35 Useful Source Code Editors Reviewed - Smashing Magazine

About a code bank script, there is one by this name Codebank, a hierachical source code snippet database, and you can find further details and download it here, CodeBank - free hierachical source code snippet database program for windows
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