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Default Re: Question about Windows XP PRO...

since you use XP pro you will not have experienced this activation issue as XP pro does not use it by default. It only seems to affect XP home. Basically activation turns the CD key into a unique ID for your computer and sends this back to microsoft. Then if the same key is activated elsewhere microsoft will see this and go "no, You are not allowed this" and will block use from activating, and thus using XP altogether.
XP pro does not ask you to do this, unless you actually opt to do it. Hence many installations can use the same key without being blocked after 30 days.

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Default Re: Question about Windows XP PRO...

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Default Re: Question about Windows XP PRO...

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Default Re: Question about Windows XP PRO...

ok there are two diffrent versions of windows xp proffesional. There is the retail version and then there is the volume licensed edition. retail has to be activated in order to be used but the volume licensed just needs a key and that is it. the theory beind volume licensed is that a company gets that and just buys a few hundred licenses. the volume licensed is of course leaked online and so everyone can get a hold of it although they will have the "unoffical" key for it which are tracked when you install sp2 and usually end up failing. hense any xp key you have that is not retail and is not yours that still works with sp2 is stolen and after 100 people use it at a time microsoft locks the key and basically screws the owner. the only loop hole to this lock is if you have a stolen volume license key which depending on how lazy the owners of it are you can get away with using it for an infinite amount of time.

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