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Question Problem with Internet Packets/Default windows settings

Hey everyone.

I have a problem related to my internet packets. A month ago i got a new ADSL connection but i didn't have a wifi router that could have allocated proper bandwidth to my 3 different computers. So because someone would occasionally overload the 2mb connection causing my internet to clog up, i bought a software called "HDD Accurate Network Monitor" to keep a look out for who ever used all of the bandwidth and then i would just ask them to stop overloading it, after that i got a wifi router with the bandwidth allocation option and i allocated the bandwidths to all the computers so problem solved.

Not really. after installing Accurate Network Monitor even before the new router the process that monitors the packets used to crash at the windows "enter password" screen, sometimes when i used to turn on the computer it gave an error " Accurate Network Monitor safety service has crashed because your computer was not shut down properly" and when the computer starts up it cannot connect to any Lan/Wifi connection and gets stuck on acquiring network address because clearly it cannot receive any packets at all. I would be okay with having this problem if it had anything to do with turning my computer off in the wrong way but even if i do a proper shutdown , the software (which i don't even use and is not running) decides to crash on the "enter password" screen and i cannot connect till i restart the computer. It gets even worse when the internet stops again after using the computer for a certain ammount of time.

After this problem occurred i uninstalled the software (which is pathetic in every way) and it still didnt give me back my default settings, instead it left its "Accurate Network Monitor safety Service" and "Remote packet capture protocol v.0 experimental" in my msconfig's services, if i uncheck them and start the computer then i cannot connect to anything. If i enable it , then it crashes from time to time and stops my internet when i least expect it.

It is becoming very irritating and because i have uninstalled the software , this application is not present in any name , shape or form in my windows uninstaller or even Ccleaners uninstaller but it still wont go from my msconfig. Both routers (ADSL and Wifi) work perfectly and the bandwidth allocation has no problems with it and is not the problem.

The solution (i think) would be somehow disabling this and re enabling my default packet reciever that comes with the windows but i can't seem to able to do that, any help would be greatly appreciated as i have been helped here before.

Hardware and Software required Info:
Toshiba Satellite 2400
Intel Core 2 duo ,2.60Ghz , 1Gb Ram.
Windows Xp Professional SP2 (hate the new windows)
Nod 32 4.0 installed and fully updated, laptop is free from any sorts of
malicious files or viruses.
Currently Connected Via Lan to TP link Wifi router which is connected to ADSL
router, i connect it via Wifi when i go out of my room.

Thanks in Advance

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Default Re: Problem with Internet Packets/Default windows settings

1. Install the software that you uninstalled to see if that corrects the issue. If no, go to 2.
2. Do a system restore to a date prior to installing that software to when Windows was the defualt connection program. If that doesn't work, then 3.
3. Reformat

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Default Re: Problem with Internet Packets/Default windows settings

Where do those values point to if you have a look at the corresponding place in the registry? You could try deleting the registry keys and the place where they're referring to then reinstalling your ethernet drivers which might kick windows back into life.

Also worth doing a full scan in case something like malwarebytes or spybot can pick it up as spyware and blat it.

Beyond that I'm afraid reformatting is probably the best option...
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