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Default Permissions run amuck.

So...this happened to me once on an external to a smaller extent and I NEVER found a solution to it...the issue just kinda...went away. Now it's happening on another completely separate hard drive...but it's one of my main HDDs...a 700GB one...very not cool. Anyway...here's what'd going on:

My permissions are going nuts. I'm losing "rights" to my OWN FILES. Little locks are showing up on all of my little folder icons and I don't know why. And, when I go through the drive and try to change the permissions, it goes all the way through and stops at one file with a long, gibberish name (like...5a7s8df7872w34thndjbngadfg872345 as a file name...) where it says "unable to change permissions on (long file name here)" where I click continue, everything starts over and I lose even more ground. I don't get it.

I got angry at it (ALL OF MY FILES ARE AT STAKE!!! lol) a min ago, went to the security tab for the drive and deleted ALL of the profiles/users/whatever that were there except for the profile I'm using and the drive did the same thing: got to that one file and started over...THEN THE ENTIRE DRIVE CONTENTS DISAPPEARED! Drive showed up with no file contents!

I just don't get it. My "you've got malware" flag is flyin high right now but I don't know how I would have gotten it or where it would have come from AND, if it is malware, it acts unlike anything I've ever seen...and I've seen some pretty creative malware as I do quite a bit of computer repair.

What permissions and for what users HAVE to be on a drive? What would keep them from changing in the future? Maybe booting into a linux live disk could be of assistance? If all else fails, I might be able to restore a backup from a couple days ago but A) the backups are on that drive (DAMN IT! But it's the biggest drive!) and B) I would LOVE to solve this mystery.

Thank you all for any help!

Puter specs:

Win 7 Ultimate
Intel Core 2 Quad
3 drives internal, 1 68GB 10K RPM, 1 150GB 7200 RPM, 1 700GB 7200RPM, all SATA to MB
2 drives external, 1 500GB (had the problem previously), 1 300GB (or something), all USB
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