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Default Re: Okay, I'm tired of all the biased opinions.

Originally Posted by Zeph View Post
Hey'lo everybody.
I found these forums over Google today... and I come bearing a question.
The question is very simple, but yet, I cannot find the answer; all I have found is biased, unsupported filth.
My question is: Out of all the OS's out there... Mac's OS X Snow Leopard, Microsoft's Windows 7, Ubuntu, and the list goes on and on... which is the best OS, and why?
All the information out there that I can find is always clouded with the typical WINDOWS OWNZ JOO or OS X IS UBER LEET junk. I just want facts: benchmarks, experiences of users who have used more than just one OS, etc. I cannot find this information for the life of me, but I know it's out there.
Personally, I would be using the operating system for video games (playing and making [I'm majoring in Interactive Design and Game Development]). I have used ONLY Windows my entire life, so that's why I'm coming here. I've always been told that Mac OSX is great for photos, videos, etc... while Windows is the best for gaming, performance, etc... and Ubuntu and Linux and all those other lesser known OS's are just kind of... "there". I have no clue if these claims are correct, but I would really enjoy clearing these things up.
Although I assumed this topic of discussion must be pretty common, I've looked around these forums a little bit and didn't see a topic on the subject. So... if I missed the post somewhere, I'm sorry! :X

Thanks so much in advance.
Windows is popular I have Vista, but in my opinion Mac is better because a virus can not download on your computer, it runs faster in my opinions and it is different. I think the only reason companies wont switch if because of the money they would put out and in these days companies cant spend the money.

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Default Re: Okay, I'm tired of all the biased opinions.

Originally Posted by Mylz Sama View Post
Mac is better because a virus can not download on your computer
Again factually incorrect . Macs are not automatically protected from virus's out of the box any more than windows computers are
Macs are still perfectly capable of being hacked and getting virus's it just so happens because windows has the bulk of the market when it comes to operating systems that people write virus's for the windows platform

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Default Re: Okay, I'm tired of all the biased opinions.

I get tired of using the same thing for more than about 3 months at a time. I like to switch back and forth between a variety of operating systems, browsers, and word processors. Right now I use mostly Windows Vista, Iron (based on Google Chrome), and MS-Office. Three months ago it was Windows XP, Opera, and OpenOffice. Before it was Debian, Iceweasel, and Abiword. Before that it was D. Small Linux, etc. Etc. I've used a great deal of different OS's--sometimes I even install really old ones like CP/M (the grandfather of MS-DOS). All of them are good--well except this one that was composed of practically nothing but "NOP" (x86 assembly language for "no operation". So why not try them all, rather ythan worrying about which one is best?

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