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Default Re: Need help with formatting

strollin I hope it never happens to you but to others it has. Identity Theft. The casual paper in the thrash becomes the key to your finances, and your ruin.
Same for hard drives and other media. With out proper attention you could run in to that one in a million person who is going to take the time to scourer your media. What they find could be harmless but if they found one tiny little bit, they could turn your world upside down.
Format the drive then do a recertification run on it. You can get the software from the drive maker's website. Then put your OS and Office files back on it.

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Default Re: Need help with formatting

Yes, it could happen, but there are far more likely things that could happen to you that you probably don't even think twice about. For instance, you're much more likely to get killed in a car accident on the way to work or school yet you probably jump in the car without any reservations. At the same time you advocate strict measures regarding a used hdd to prevent something that is far LESS likely to happen.

There are too many REAL issues to worry about in the world to needlessly worry about somebody scouring your old hdd.

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