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Exclamation Need a bit of help.

Whats up people of cf. I have been working on my computer tediously to get it working again. At first when i had turned my comp on windows said it had to repair itself, but i ignored it and continued with a normal boot. It got stuck on the "windows is starting" screen and then it started to shake from side to side. I restarted and tried to repair the os but it did the same thing again while trying to repair. So i tried it again but this time bios booted but there were vertical colorful lines. So once again i restart, but this time bios wont boot at all. When i got it to boot i plugged in my linux hdd that i have as a spare to see if its just my windows hdd but same things happened again. I borrowed my friends vid card to see if it might be the card shorting, but no cigar. So once by one i removed the ram from the my computer troubleshooting it, but it would now boot all the way into my desktop and freeze. I tried a system restore in safe mode, but after that it wont boot into desktop at all. Im completely stumped at what it could be but i didnt know if i should post this to software or hardware. I would realllly love some support or any solutions. ANYTHING INPUT, IS GOOD INPUT AT THIS POINT.

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Default Re: Need a bit of help.

Strip back everything as far as possible,

Remove all devices, remove all but 1 stick of ram, remove and overclocks and run on the stock frequency. Add things back one by one until you identify the component that's causing the instability.

Once upon a time I had a similar problem and it turned out to be the fault of the cd drive, (which was weird).

So don't think that anything is too obviously not gong to be the problem as it just might be the problem.

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Default Re: Need a bit of help.

Thank you for the input i will be trying that soon. Check the same post i put in the hardware forums and see the other suggestions people gave me.
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