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Lightbulb My Data could be lost!


I downloaded one of those coming 3 programs from downloads.com -typing tutorial or Ten thumbs typing or typing master- I really was seeking to learn the ten keys fast, and I wish now if I did not try to learn it.

Anyway after I installed the program and I found it boring so I did uninstall it, and after I uninstalled it, I tried to delete the left files that the uninstaltion was not able to delete, so I tried it myself, and I wish if I did not

In this moment I deleted it my desktop got strange looking, and it was like it came back to windows 95 old icons (I use windows Me)

And the desktop icons and the start menu icons all changed to the same icon (like asking me to specify which program I want to use).

So I went directlly to the System restore from my system tools and every time I click on it nothing showup at all, it was like nothing.
(also before installing this typing program I scanned it for antivirus but it was inefected, but for the truth my antivirus was not updated to the last moment).
So I decided to restart my computer,maybe it will work, and now I wish if I did not

When the windows restarts it reaches the point of the desktop and stop completely, I do not see any icons and I just see only the background, and then I tried to enter to the safemood and also it was doing exactly the same, only the background.

For my bad luck my company which is eMachines it gives me the opition to restore the windows from Dos, only like that, If i want to restore windows Me I must lose all my data, and ofcourse for me because I have important Data it is really bad bad choice.

So I decided to play some in the Dos and again I wish if I did not

I tried to restore the registry but no way, I tried fix the reg ,also it dose not accept the commands, I tried manythings but it was not accepting the commands.

Unitil this moment I think when I was using the command DIR, it was showing me Program files and windows and my other folders.

I have with me another windows version of windows Me, so I tried to install it and everytime I try proceed the setup it asks me at the beggining to make scandisk first, so I was trying to use the command setup/is, to ignore the scandisk but it did not work and it was ignoring my command, so I had to continue with the scandisk, so I proceed the scan ,and it was taking long time really in something call structure like fixing something or by other words changing something, so many messages came to me and I accepted it like -this folder is damaged (and this folder was where exactly I downloaded this devil program), there were really many messages and I was choosing Fix it Dix it,,, and at the end end and I am wish to proceed the windows setup, the scandisk give me a message tell me Out of memory, I tried again the same things to setup the windows, and it brought to me the same,,,

But one of those messages, said that my FAT need to be replaced, and that it will replace copy 2 by copy 1.
So I chose fix it, and for this moment I feel like what I did to accept replacing the FAT or something like that, it affected in what happned next to my computer, I am not sure really.

After all this, I tried DIR command again, and then I started to find many many files or folders many many call DR....... the some numbers like DR00031.

So I closed the computer and I decided to buy a new hard drive to use it as a Master after I install windows on it, then I can use it as a packup and save my DATA then I can use again the eMachine restore CD and restore windows Me again.

So I did installed this new hard drive and I put my old hard drive as a slave, and here is the disaster I found

My old hard drive is 20 GB and almost 10 GB was used, with my new hard drive as a Master it showed my Old one as Drive D, so I started to copy and paste some of my important folders to my new hard drive, then I discovred that there are many important folders just disappeared , even the program files, or the windows folders or my documents or my pictures all those folders just disappeared and more.

The problem now and the hope in the same time is that when I calculated the drive D files and folders sizes individualy, it gives me only 5 GB but when I click properites on drive D it gives me that there is about 10 GB used space from about 18.5 GB, and that is exactly the right thing because I was using 10 GB of the space for my DATA , so now where is the other 5 GB of DATA where did it disappear and is there any possiblity to restore this important DATA.

(I still see those many many many DR16262 folders, and when I try to open any one of it says that something maybe moved or that it dose not find the location something like that, and when I use propreties it gives me 0 size ).

What should I do?




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Default Re: My Data could be lost!


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Old 11-22-2004, 02:34 PM   #3
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Default Re: My Data could be lost!

you kicked my dog
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Old 11-30-2004, 11:50 PM   #4
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Default Re: My Data could be lost!

Dude , to be completely honest here, your comp. got one hell of a virus....

What i would do if i was you, is Just completely start over from scratch...The more you tell the comp. to fix,
the more the virus destroy's...

So, use your windows cd with the driver's on it, and get to command prompt....then fdisk...to reformat.

Use fat32 , and tell it to do it automatically.
after it's done...put in the windows cd, and reboot.
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