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Default Multiple Processes....

So using this shit dell with windows 7 home... and ocasionally there will be a process that hangs up, but when i go to close it in task manager, there is duplicates of the same program... (explorer.exe, firefox.exe, etc) And the only way i found to fix it is a restart... what is the problem... I officially hate dell and will never buy one again...

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Default Re: Multiple Processes....

If the PC is powering on and running the software, there's little reason to blame the maker of the system. In this case, you should do the usual things, run a full malware sweep and antivirus scan first. Malware Bytes / SUPERAntiSpyware make a great one-two punch for initial scans, and then I'd suggest running an AV scanner like Avira or Microsoft Security Essentials to pick up anything else.

If those come back clean, it's possible that there's software that might be the root cause, in which case, a system reload may not be a bad idea. It's worth noting however that Windows often spawns multiple copies of explorer.exe depending on what you're doing. One instance by itself with no windows open is usually just the explorer shell, and any subsequent processes are open file explorer processes. Confusing enough. Firefox will spawn multiple processes only in rare situations, multiple copies of it aren't common. Chrome on the other hand spawns threads like children spawn germs.

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Default Re: Multiple Processes....

Already restored factory defaults... the problem is my external harddrive apparently, is there a program to try and pull files off it? cause its freezing explorer.exe....
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Default Re: Multiple Processes....

The problem is your external hard drive? How do you figure? It's only happening when you plug the HDD in? explorer.exe is your desktop... If that's what's freezing you don't need it. Just end it, and to open My Computer (and explore) hold down the windows key and press e. Copy all the stuff off your HDD if you want. I would suggest plugging your external HDD in to another computer and see what happens...

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