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Default Linux on a laptop


I've got this laptop a couple of weeks ago (specs in my sig)

Thing is, it's got 2 HDD's in a RAID setup, and I'm thinking about installing Linux (I've got FC3 and Slackware 10.1 lying around somewhere, I'm not really up for downloading a whole new distro TBH, seeing as I'm on an academic network it might upset certain people).

How hard is it to install Linux onto the D: drive in a RAID configuration (I've got Windows on C, formatted NTFS) ?

People say Linux sucks on laptops, is that true? If so, why?

And does installing Linux ruin your warranty, as some people say?

I'm not a Linux noob, I have used it before, I just don't have it here.



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Default Re: Linux on a laptop

It is pretty easy usually to install linux onto whatever drive you specify during the install... just don't mess with your primary drive (hda) and you should be fine.

The reason people say linux sucks on laptops is because laptops use all sorts of nonstandard hardware and it is difficult to keep drivers up to date with all the changes. That is not so much the case these days. I've seen installs on all sorts of laptops with almost no hardware problems whatsoever. Even my old dell laptop happily runs any distro I throw at it.

I'd say just boot the install disk and givei t a go if you want to try it. As long as you make sure not to touch your primary drive, you should be fine. (note you will need to install the bootloader to the mbr of the primary disk, but evwen that can be easily fixed if your install goes awry.
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