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Default Kubuntu RAM and widget question

Hi there fellow geeks.
i have 2 questions i hope some of you know about.

1) How are the RAM management in Kubuntu/Ubuntu compared to Windows7. i know Win7 takes all the RAM it needs and more to increase performance. that's a good thing. If i have 8 gig of RAM there are no reason not to use it.
i am wondering why my Kubuntu only uses 380mb of RAM when on idle. i know Kubuntu requires less then windows 7 to run, but damn, that's not much. windows7 on this laptop uses 4x more on idle. i have 4gigs of RAM and i use a 32bit version of the latest Kubuntu.

2) Have any of you messed allot around with widgets?
I had seriously performance issues when playing around with some of the standard widgets today.
some worked like a chram, bur others was very slow to apply settings or just being placed on the desktop.
an example is that i was configuring the weather widget, and it toke more then 1 full minute to figure out where Horsens in Denmark was.
then it crashed. i tried again and it find it in 2 seconds and didn't crash.
the desktop crashed 2 times as well. and suddenly i could not add widgets before a restart.
also when installing new widgets, i could only install one at the time because the window would freeze until the install was completed.

todays playing around with widgets really started to get on my nerves.
i have never really had any problems with any linux destro before now. (other then a few minor problems that quickly was fixed by doing some easy configurations)
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