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Default Keylogger advise please.

Hey (pardon my English, it's not my native language),
maybe this is totally the wrong place to ask this but I'm trying it anyway.
I'm a married man (10yrs now), father of 2 small children, and I suspect my wify of cheating on me.
I don't have any secrets for my wife. If she wants she can check all my computer activities and emails. This has always been a 2-way street, she has never had any secrets for me (that I know of ).

But recently she is more to herself then usual. Spends a lot of time on social websites like Facebook, and has 2 private email accounts. Every time I come near she closes all windows. When I try to talk about her behavior she becomes evasive or starts an argument. I don't know what is going on but I suspect that she might be cheating on me!

Therefor I want to instal a simple keylogger on my computer. Nothing fancy, just basic keystroke logging.
I hope I'm just acting like a complete idiot and nothing is wrong. In that case I'll remove the keylogger but at least I wont have this feeling eating away at me any more.
In that case we still have to work on a lot of stuff, something is still not ok, but I at least know it's not my worst nightmare.
IF she indeed is cheating then at least she HAS to talk to me about it when I have evidence.
Maybe we can work it out (we have 2 children), I hope so. Maybe not.
But with info obtained with a keylogger I just hope to get out of our current situation.

That is why I registered for this forum. Can you please advise me a (basic) keylogger, and share your experience with it. Good and bad experiences, please share them. (If I Google or check review sites like CNET I see hundreds of options, all with positive and negative reviews. That's why I am asking you.)

We only have 1 notebook. Hardware loggers are not possible. Remote monitoring also not. If possible I'd like the keylogger to be for free / freeware.

Thank's in advance, Mat.
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